APSR Paper Data-- Japanese Judges, 4 October 2005

This website contains data from the American Political Science Review article by J. Mark Ramseyer and Eric Rasmusen, "Why Are Japanese Judges so Conservative in Politically Charged Cases? An Empirical Test of the Effect of Bureaucratic Regulation".

There are four datasets, corresponding to the four tables in the paper.

  1. Table 1. army1.dta, STATA or army1.dct, ascii .

  2. Table 2. malap2.dta, STATA or malap2.dct, ascii .

  3. Table 3. injunc3.dta, STATA or injunc3.dct, ascii .

  4. Table 4. sokatsu4.dta, STATA or sokatsu4.dct, ascii .

You will also find our STATA command file useful for seeing which variables we actually used in our regressions. That file, which is in ascii, is jpub.do, or the version with results, jpub.log.

Also available are our diagnostic robustness regressions, which repeats each of the original regressions and then (a) removes outliers and repeats again, (b) restores outliers and does a log-linear specification, and (c) restores outliers and does a log-log specification. That file, which is in ascii, is jdiag.do, or the version with results, jdiag.log.

This page's address is http://rasmusen/org/published/jbook/apsr2001.htm.

Eric Rasmusen's homepage is at http://rasmusen.org.

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