Economic Research at Indiana University (January 21, 2011)

This is a list assembled by Professor Eric Rasmusen of people interested in economics at Indiana University. I assembled it myself, so it is surely incomplete. I aimed to include everybody who has at least two publications in economics in scholarly journals, plus a few new PhD's.

  1. Business Economics and Public Policy faculty page
    1. Jeremy Petranka, Visiting Assistant Professor
    2. Lawrence S. Davidson, Professor Emeritus
    3. Andreas Hauskrecht
    4. Paul Uselding, Adjunct Professor
    5. Bill Petrovic, Adjunct Professor
    6. Eric Rasmusen, Dan R. and Catherine M. Dalton Professor, Business Economics & Public Policy
    7. Michael T. Rauh, Associate Professor, Business Economics & Public Policy
    8. Jürgen von Hagen, Visiting Professor
    9. Haizhen Lin, Assistant Professor, Business Economics & Public Policy
    10. Rick Harbaugh, Associate Professor, Business Economics & Public Policy,
    11. Jeff Prince,
    12. John Maxwell, Chairman, Business Economics & Public Policy
    13. Michael Baye, Bert Elwert Professorship in Business & Professor of Business Economics & Public Policy
    14. Matthijs Wildenbeest, Assistant Professor
    15. Babur De los Santos, Assistant Professor
    16. Steven Kreft
    17. Heejoon Kang, Professor Emeritus
    18. Michele Fratianni, Professor Emeritus
    19. Lawrence Davidson Professor Emeritus
    20. Bruce L. Jaffee, Professor Emeritus

  2. Economics Department faculty listing page
    1. Arlington Williams, Professor
    2. Michael Kaganovich, Associate Professor
    3. James Walker, Professor
    4. Pravin Trivedi, Rudy Professor of Economics, Department of Economics
    5. Robert Becker, Professor, Department of Economics
    6. Rubiana Chamarbagwala, Assistant Professor
    7. Yoosoon Chang, Professor
    8. Juan Carlos Escanciano, Assistant Professor
    9. Luiggi Donayre,Visiting Faculty
    10. Yoon-Jin Lee, Assistant Professor
    11. David Jacho-Chavez,Assistant Professor
    12. Bulent Guler, Assistant Professor
    13. Joon Park, Wisnewsky Professor of Human Studies
    14. Todd Walker, Assistant Professor
    15. Frank Page, Professor
    16. Fwu-Ranq Chang, Associate Professor
    17. Edward Buffie, Professor
    18. Gerhard Glomm, Professor
    19. Eric Leeper,
    20. Michael Alexeev, Professor
    21. Lloyd D. Orr, Professor Emeritus
    22. Paul Kuznets,Professor Emeritus
    23. Elmus Wicker, Professor Emeritus
    24. William Becker, Professor Emeritus
    25. Scott H. Gordon, Distinguished Professor Emeritus
    26. Robert Campbell, Distinguished Professor Emeritus
    27. George von Furstenberg, Professor Emeritus,
    28. Elyce J. Rotella, Associate Professor Emeritus
    29. Phillip W. Saunders , Professor Emeritus

  3. Finance faculty listing page.
    1. Eitan Goldman , FedEx Faculty Fellow , Associate Professor of Finance
    2. Jeffrey D. Fisher , Charles H. & Barbara F. Dunn Professor of Real Estate , Director of the Center for Real Estate Studies
    3. Andrew Ellul , Fred Greene Associate Professor of Finance
    4. Jess Cornaggia , Assistant Professor of Finance
    5. Matthew Clayton , Eli Lilly Faculty Fellow , Associate Professor of Finance
    6. John A. Boquist , Edward E. Edwards Professor of Finance
    7. Utpal Bhattacharya , Associate Professor of Finance
    8. Sreenivas Kamma , Associate Professor of Finance
    9. Robert Jennings , Gregg T. and Judith A. Summerville Professor of Finance
    10. Craig W. Holden , Professor of Finance
    11. Ryan D. Israelsen , Assistant Professor of Finance
    12. David Haeberle , Peterson Faculty Fellow in Investment Banking
    13. Nandini Gupta , Associate Professor of Finance , Koenig Faculty Fellow
    14. Scott Smart , Whirlpool Finance Faculty Fellow and Director of Corporate Finance Academy
    15. Richard Shockley , CenterPoint Energy Faculty Fellow , Associate Professor of Finance
    16. Merih Sevilir , Associate Professor of Finance
    17. Veronika Krepely Pool , Assistant Professor of Finance
    18. Tobias Muhlhofer , Assistant Professor of Finance
    19. Charles Trzcinka , James and Virginia Cozad Professor of Finance
    20. Gregory F. Udell , Chase Chair of Banking and Finance
    21. Xiaoyun Yu Associate Professor of Finance
    22. Scott Yonker Assistant Professor of Finance
    23. Jun Yang , Assistant Professor of Finance , 3M Jr. Faculty Fellow
    24. Xuan Tian , Assistant Professor of Finance
    25. Noah Stoffman , Assistant Professor of Finance
    26. Irina Stefanescu , Assistant Professor of Finance

  4. Economists at SPEA .
    1. David B. Audretsch, Distinguished Professor Ameritech Chair of Economic Development Director, Institute for Development Strategies
    2. Denvil R. Duncan
    3. Seth Freedman
    4. Bradley T. Heim
    5. Haeil Jung
    6. Kerry Krutilla
    7. Joyce Y. Man
    8. Ashlyn Aiko Nelson
    9. Rafael Reuveny
    10. Justin Ross
    11. David Good Associate Professor, Public and Environmental Affairs
    12. Barry Rubin Professor, Public and Environmental Affairs
    13. Clinton Oster Professor, Public and Environmental Affairs
    14. Charles Bonser Dean Emeritus and Ameritech Professor Emeritus, Public & Environmental Affairs

  5. Economists in Communications.
    1. David Waterman Professor, Department of Telecommunications

  6. Econ-Interested in Political Science.
    1. Elinor Ostrom, Arthur F. Bentley Professor of Political Science

  7. Law School Law-and-Econ. Faculty Page.
    1. Jeffrey Stake Professor of Law and Charles L. Whistler Faculty Fellow
    2. Robert Heidt Professor of Law
    3. Kenneth Dau-Schmidt Willard and Margaret Carr Professor of Labor and Employment Law
    4. Brian Broughman
    5. Leandra Lederman

URL: Indiana University, Department of Business Economics and Public Policy, in the Kelley School of Business , BU 438, 1309 East Tenth Street, Bloomington, Indiana 47405-1701, (812)855-9219. Comments: Erasmuse@