05.27b George Bush's Honesty; Al Gore's Sanity. According to Al Gore, George Bush
has brought deep dishonor to our country and built a durable reputation as the most dishonest President since Richard Nixon.
Gore is wrong on that, of course, but I realized that with a small modification I could make his statement one with which everybody would agree:
George W. Bush has been the most dishonest, selfish, and corrupt President since Bill Clinton.
Isn't it striking how strong my version sounds despite being empty of content?

Read Gore's speech. As David Frum says, it is scary to think that this man almost became President of the United States, or even that he was nominated by a major party. I say this not because of his policy positions, which are ordinary enough liberal positions, but because he truly seems unbalanced now. If you, my reader, voted for Al Gore in 2000, consider sitting this election out. Your judgement was wrong then, and do you have reason to think it has improved by now? [This page is http://mypage.iu.edu/~erasmuse/w/04.05.27b.htm]

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