06.23a Dept. of Transportation Paean to Sodomy. Norman Mineta, Secretary of Transportation, issued this proclamation of pride in his department's perverse sexual activities. Will we next see a celebration of alcoholics in government service, or philanderers, or cocaine sniffers? I'm sure all are well represented, and many of them are valuable employees.

Each year as part of our Special Emphasis Observances, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) recognizes June as National Gay and Lesbian Pride Month to highlight the strides and ongoing work of the gay and lesbian community, and our Nation's progress on the road to social equality. Gays and lesbians are our colleagues and friends, our sons and daughters, our neighbors and co-workers. We take this opportunity to increase our cultural awareness and celebrate the contributions and achievements of members of the gay and lesbian community, both to the work of the Department and to the Nation.

The Department is firmly committed to ensuring a workplace that promotes and fosters a climate in which all employees may participate, contribute, and grow to their full potential. We recognize and value our diverse workforce, including the many outstanding contributions made by the Department's gay and lesbian employees. Long�standing Federal policy prohibits discrimination against Federal employees based on sexual orientation. Federal agencies must enforce this policy and ensure that all Federal employees are protected from unfair treatment and discrimination at work.

This shows how little change Administrations make. Wasn't Bush supposed to be a conservative?

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