Thursday, July 17, 2003

Instapundit points out a CBS story on FBI incompetence. Translator Sibel Edmonds complained about purposeful slackness and a Turkish spy, and was fired. Senator Grassley has been investigating. Excerpts:

Because she is fluent in Turkish and other Middle Eastern languages, Edmonds, a Turkish-American, was hired by the FBI soon after Sept. 11 and given top-secret security clearance to translate some of the reams of documents seized by FBI agents who, for the past year, have been rounding up suspected terrorists across the United States and abroad.

Edmonds says that to her amazement, from the day she started the job, she was told repeatedly by one of her supervisors that there was no urgency - that she should take longer to translate documents so that the department would appear overworked and understaffed. ...


Sibel Edmonds was fired. The FBI offered no explanation, saying in the letter only that her contract was terminated completely for the government's convenience.

Which is more incompetent, the FBI or the federal immigration bureaucrats? Time after time, the FBI demonstrates that it is a rotten organization. Why is there no housecleaning?

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