The Barnes vs. Indiana Page, March 24, 2012

This webpage contains links to various materials relevant to the case Barnes v. Indiana.

There's a lot to this story. In brief: police answered a domestic violence call, but everything had calmed down and the 50ish husband was in the parking lot leaving. He argued with them up to the door, which his wife opened. The police wanted to go, he said no and shoved one, he was tasered, sent to the hospital, and charged with assault. The Indiana Supreme Court, overturning ancient precedent and a recent statute, criminalized citizen resistance to illegal police entry. The Statehouse was upset, and passed a new statute with even my liberal state rep. voting for it, despite heavy lobbying and misrepresentation by the police union.

Scholars' amicus brief

Supreme Court of Indiana final decision, rehearing granted, Barnes loses, September 20, 2011. Here is my fisking of it, paragraph by paragraph.

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