Monday, February 11, 2008


Climate Data. Last year I blogged on the good NASA site for weather station data from around the world. The data is arranged so you can pick out stations from a map of the world. I'd really like data where I could pick out a variety of stations at once and put the data into a spreadsheet, which the NASA site is not good for. I'd like to see which stations show warming and which do not. In particular, here are some things I'd like to check:

1. Do rural stations show warming, or just urban stations? (useful for thinking about urbanization bias) 2. Do ocean locations show warming, or just land locations? (useful for thinking about urbanization bias) 3. Do stations with warming show big jumps in warming in particular years and then higher levels? (useful for thinking about urbanization bias) 4. What kinds of stations show zero warming, or cooling? (useful for spotting unforeseen sort of bias)



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