Friday, May 23, 2008


Three Ales

Ruddles County, from Rutland , 4.7%, calls itself a "serious country ale" and fits that well. It is not as oily as some strong ales, but is very bitter and good.

Old Hooky, from the family-run Hook Norton Brewery in Oxfordshire, 4.6%, also avoids the bad features of strong ales. It is a classic bitter, except from the bottle it is not as smooth as the best of the style. It is fizzier than I thought: I brought it home in a backpack and it exploded on me, quite humourously, when I opened it.

Cotswold Way, from Wickwar Brewing of Gloucestershire, was disappointing, much less bitter and less flavorful generally than the other two.

I tried all three in the company of Jim Alt, when he came over for supper.



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