Sunday, August 24, 2008


Rick Warren

I blogged back in 2006 on Pastor Rick Warren, whose words range from pandering to liberals to the fatuous to the perceptive. He did a good job with the Saddleback interviews of Obama and McCain, I think, choosing some good questions for them. I came across something else to count in his favor in a 2008 New Republic article by Alan Wolfe (my boldfacing):

I have yet to let Jesus enter my life, but I admire Warren. We once appeared on a panel together along with Harvard's Peter Gomes at the Aspen Ideas Festival. When it came time for questions, a woman stood up, proclaimed her Judaism, and asked Warren if she was going to burn in hell. He paused before responding--and then answered her question the only way it could be answered. Yes, he said to audible gasps. My reaction was that either you believe that Jesus is the savior or you do not, and I found myself impressed that Warren remained true to his convictions, knowing full well that the audience would not like what he said.



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

In a better world the audience would have laughed, rather than gasped. Maybe then Warren would have re-examined his beliefs. The gasping probably just reinforced his silly idea! Suppose he had answered with a straight face, "I have no idea what Hell is, but I do know that as a non-believer her soul will re-emerge after death as a speck of uranium 300,000 light years away, somehow fully cognizant of it's new status, for 200,000 years. After that my fundamental text does not say what happens."

August 26, 2008 1:53 PM  

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