05.30c Updates. A reader referred me to Chuck Missler on the names in Genesis, as prophetic, in connection with my May 23 post on the subject.
05.23a The Meaning of Bible Names. The sermon at ECC today, by Pastor Mangrum, was on Genesis 3. He talked about pain and our desire to avoid both its harmful and beneficial effects (note how Cain expressed no regret for Abel's death, only fear that he himself would be murdered), but I happened to think that it would be good to compile a list of the meanings of names. Here is a start, with my Companion Bible as a source.
Adam = Man
Eve = Life-Spring
Cain= Acquisition
Abel = Transitoriness
Seth = Substitution
Noah = Rest, Comfort
Enoch= Teaching
Methusaleh = When He Is Dead It Shall Be Sent
Sarah = Princess
Isaac = Laughter
Reuben = Behold a Son
Simeon = Hearing
Issacher = He is Wages
Joseph = May He Add
Zebulon = Dwelling
Asher = Happy
Gad = Jupiter (of the Babylonians)
Levi = Joiner
Naphtali = My Wrestling
Judah = He Shall Be Praised
Benjamin = Son of My Right Hand
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